Symposium Proteins in Action

It is our pleasure to invite you at our 1st symposium named “Proteins in action – biophysical techniques for protein research” that will be held in the Building C, Faculty of Science of the University of South Bohemia Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) from Monday, June 26 to Wednesday, June 28, 2017. Information about the symposium can be found at

Many of new approaches are based on an improved theoretical insight into the practical processes. Experience shows that a majority of researchers tends to rather spend many months with trial-and-error experiments than choose the more demanding approaches to make their research easier. The planned symposium is designed to help overcome this and to bring over the message of the benefits of more rational approaches to the use of different biophysical techniques for protein research. To achieve this goal, we have invited a number of prominent experts in the field as speakers. The main aim and big advantage of the symposium is a healthy mixture of advanced discussions of the theory and of laboratory practice.

Conference Topics (Lectures)

  • Protein preparation for biophysical studies (solubility, phase diagram, Hofmeister series, purity, activity) 

  • Advanced electrophoresis techniques (native electrophoresis, zige, 2d-electrophoresis) 

  • Protein/protein and protein/nucleic acid complex preparation for biophysical studies (AS-precipitation, liquid chromatography, Kd)

  • Protein engineering (SER, intelligent mutations, "crosslinking", linkers "GGSGG", etc) 

  • Dynamic and static light scattering (analysis of biological unit, complex formation)  

  • MS (deuterium exchange MS)

  • Single molecule techniques (labelling)

  • ITC DSC (Kd, buffer screening)

  • Thermal shift assay Thermofluor/DSF 


  • SAXS and XFEL

  • X-ray & Neutron diffraction

  • Microscale thermophoresis

  • Ultrafast laser spectroscopy as a tool for studies of protein function

  • CD

  • Electron Microscopy 

  • Computational methods

  • WWW Resources

  • AUC = analytical ultracentrifugation

  • SPR

  • Integrative structural approach to study tRNA : protein complexes (including DLS, SAXS, SRCD, MST, DSF, AUC and XRD)

Lecture context (approx. 15 slides):

  1.        Introduction and background of the technique used for research

  2.        Little theory (what you can do with this techniques, how you can study your proteins)

  3.           Pictures

  4.               2-3 examples + references

Plenary lectures

  1. Alexandra Zahradníková, Bratislava, Slovakia: Role of the N-terminal region in ryanodine receptor channel activation

  2. Beata Vertessy, Hungary: