• Bioinformatics

    Cross-border study - full-time education, where half of the time students are based in Budweis, Czech Republic and the second half they spend in Linz, Austria. At the end of this exclusive study programme taught in English students get double-degree from both Universities jointly providing this education: University of South Bohemia in and Johannes Kepler University.


  • Another Two Graduates
    On 1st of June, another two graduates have successfully accomplished their journey through our joint cross-border study programme. >

  • Study Placement and Conditions
    (Minimum) Study conditions vary on each Universities, you are currently located in. >

  • Our Second Graduate
    Last Friday, 2nd of June out student Mariana has successfully accomplished her studies with A grade. Congratulations! >

  • Deadline for Applications on CZ Side
    Deadline for applications for Bioinformatics for the upcoming academic year 2017/2018 has been set to 15th of March 2017. >

  • Our First Graduate
    On 3rd of June, the first student finished this program with her State Exam at the University of South Bohemia: we cordially congratulate Kamila Machová for the highly successful and timely completion of her study and wish her all the best for her upcoming master study! >

About Cross-border Study of Bioinformatics

University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice (USB) together with Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz (JKU) provide cross-broder joint study of Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics represents new interdisciplinary part of applied informatics. It is using advanced IT methods to solve secrets of modern biology.

The study programme itself is conducted by Faculty of Science of the USB in Budweis and Faculty of Technology of the JKU in Linz. This cross-border study is realized as a double-degree study programme, where students obtain appropriate degree from both Universities. At the time of writing, the study is realized at Bachelor level, with a future sight of Master level. This study programme is the result of the cross-border cooperation between South Bohemia and Upper Austria regions.