In the Czech Republic

Here you can find guidelines how to apply to study Bioinformatics and to be enrolled in the Czech Republic at the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice.

First of all, each year, there are slightly different admission regulations regarding cross-border studies from previous years. We suggest all student interested to read all relevant documents.

Selected general application steps to study Bioinformatics and to be enrolled at USB in Budweis, Czech Republic are:

  • Deadline for applications is usually middle of March (for exact date see relevant documents or ask Mrs. Kaftanova below)
  • Applications are accepted only in self-signed paper form generated via USB Study Agenda and send to the address of the study relation office of the Faculty of Science - see below.
  • Admission fee is about 500,- CZK (approx. 20 EUR) (how to to pay etc. see relevant documents or contact Mrs. Kaftanova below).
  • Because cross-border study of Bioinformatics teaching language is English, admission examination from English language has to be conducted to determinate level of knowledge. For exact date of such examination see relevant documents or cotact Mrs. Kaftanova below.
  • For other requirements valid for the current period please contact Mrs. Kaftanova below.
  • Education in public universities in the Czech Republic (including cross-border education), is free of charge. However, some of the administrative fees have to be paid anyway despite of language taught.  

If you are intersted to study Bioinformatics you shoud know that cross-border study always have been and will be considered as special, exclusive study programme taught in English. Therefore, number of student to be accepted each year is limited. For exact number valid for particular academy year, see relevant documents or contact Mrs. Kaftanova below.

Main contacts on the Czech side are specified in General Contacts section: