Other Useful Information and Links

Other useful information and links

Its is not a secret that living costs in Austria are higher than in the Czech Republic. Therefore for those students who apply to study Bioinformatics at the University of South Bohemia (ie. on the "Czech side"), it is possible in justified cases to get extra stipendia. This stipendia is intend to reduce higher expenses (living costs) of students during 3rd and 4th semester, which will take place in Linz. for more info contact Dr. Vohnout in General Contacts section.

There are some usefull information from other sources.

1. Guide from students of cross-border study of Biological Chemistry (CZ language only :(

2. Buses and trains lookup, connections to other countries plus public transportation in major cities (including Budweis of course) of the Czech Republic  - IDOS.

3. Ultimate travel between Linz and Budweis: Flixbus

International Student Club (you should get your mentor to help you out during your first days here from ISC as well as you can find there several imfportant information and guide for incomming students - worth to check it out!):

Erasmus+ students – requested documents:
Please do not forget to send those documents to veda@prf.jcu.cz:
- Learning Agreement (use preferably your university´s form, if required, or you can find our form attached)
- scan of your photo in a passport-size
- scan of your passport
- scan of your Health Insurance European card or other Health Insurance Certificate
- contact details of a family member or relative, who can be contacted in case of emergency

Deadlines for submission of application documents:
Winter semester: 15 December
Summer semester: 15 June

Getting your student (USB) Card:
Mr. Kubák – kubak@jcu.cz
KaM - Aula JU, hostel, Help Desk CIT, kartové centrum

You can find more information for international students at:
https://www.jcu.cz/study-at-usb or https://www.prf.jcu.cz/en/study/incoming-erasmus-students.html