General Study Plan

General Study Plan of Bioinformatics

As can be seen from the general study plan below, mandatory subjects taken in semesters subjects are divided into groups, representing the particular expert area. On the sum line at the bottom you can find total ECTS that can obtained from these areas plus total sum of ECTS. Approx. 20 ECTS left for elective subjects to be chosen by students upon their preferences. The university where particular subject is taught is easily identifiable.

For the content of particular subject and their syllabuses you can take a look into the study agenda (STAG) at (Subjects taught in Budweis, CZ) or in KUSSS at for subjects taught in Linz, AT.

New Study Plan - Valid from Academic Year 2018/2019+

Current Study Plan - Valid from Academic Year 2017/2018
Old Study Plan - Valid up to Academic Year 2016/2017