MSc. Patrick Saccone, Ph.D.

ekologie rostlin, ekologie společenstev

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Research Interests

I am a plant ecologist interested in the mechanisms and consequences of community functional drifts. With plant communities as ecosystem entrance and field experiment in severe environments as central approach, I am addressing the role of multi-compartment interactions in the resilience of the ecosystem. How above-belowground links and spatiotemporal structure of communities mediate ecosystem responses to environmental changes are key questions of my research.

Research path and collaborations

Centre for Polar Ecology, University of South Bohemia, Czech republic (2017-Present):

TRAPA- Multi-trophic functional integration of C sequestration in High Arctic Soils

Department of Ecology, University of Oulu, Finland (2012-2016):

DeVeSh- Decadal time-scale vegetation shifts at high latitudes: causes & consequences

LECA, CNRS-University of Grenoble & CREA, Chamonix, France (2012-2016):

PhenoAlp- Plant phenology in alpine areas

VALIDATE- Effects of drought and heatwave on subalpine meadows (with S. Lavorel)

NEVE- Interactions among the Atmosphere-Snow-Plant-Soil continuum (Project co-leader)

ECOVER- Structuring of communities associated to cushion plants of high mountain cliffs (Project co-leader)

BIOCATCH- Effects of subalpine meadows on water balance in a global change context (with J.C. Clément)

Guisane 2080- Alpine plant distribution and functional variability of community (with W. Thuiller)

CEMAGREF and University of Grenoble (2003- 2007, PhD in Ecology)

Role of plant interactions and place of exploitative competitor species in forest dynamics under global changes: mountain and riparian cases. Supervised by J.J. Brun and R. Michalet

INVABIO: Comparison of invasion processes between Rhône and Garonne floodplains  

CONTRACER: Rhône riverbank vulnerability to Acer negundo invasion

French Polar Institute, CNRS-University of Rennes, Kerguelen Island (1999-2001, Overwinter)

BIOSOL: Human and Climate effects on the terrestrial biodiversity of French Subantarctic Islands


Process-Oriented Community ecology

Field Experiment

Severe habitats

5 Selected Publications

Saccone P., Hoikka K. & Virtanen R. (2017) What if plant functional types conceal species-specific responses to environment? Study on arctic dwarf shrub communities. Ecology, 98 : 1600-1612

Saccone P. & Virtanen R. (2016) Extrapolating multi-decadal plant community changes based on medium-term experiments can be risky: evidence from high-latitude tundra. Oikos, 125: 76-85

Saccone P., Morin S., Baptist F., Bonneville J.M., Colace M.P., Domine F., Faure M., Geremia R., Lochet J., Poly F., Lavorel S. & Clément J.C. (2013) The effects of snowpack properties and plant strategies on litter decomposition during winter in subalpine meadows. Plant Soil, 363: 215-229

Saccone P., Pagès J.P., Girel J., Brun J.J. & Michalet R. (2010) Acer negundo invasion along a successional gradient: direct facilitation by native pioneers and indirect facilitation by conspecifics. New Phytologist, 187: 831-842

Saccone P., Delzon S., Pagès J.P., Brun J.J. & Michalet R. (2009) The role of biotic interactions in altering tree seedling responses to an extreme climate event. Journal of Vegetation Science, 20: 403-414