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Field Ecology

Field ecology A one-week trip to Mohleno (SE Czechia) or Křivoklát (W Czechia) offers students to learn basic field-sampling methods. Since the excursion takes place just before the start of the winter semester (mid-September), we recommend this for you to meet your new course mates.

Polar Ecology

The course of Polar Ecology includes a field trip to Svalbard.
This excursion takes place every year. Follow the news on faculty website not to miss the application deadline.

Tropical Ecology

PNG excursion The course of Tropical Ecology is supplemented by a field trip to Papua New Guinea. The expedition includes trips to all basic types of natural environment in PNG: diving on coral reefs, working at a research station in a lowland rainforest, canoe rides in mangrove swamps, climbing through misty forests up to the top of Mt. Wilhelm, 4500 meters a.s.l., visiting a volcano island or dancing decorated with war paint and feather headdresses with indigenous people.
The excursion takes place once in two years, so only some of you would have a chance to take part.

Biomes of Europe

A bus tour to distant parts of Europe visits European biomes. Destinations of past years: Spain (2019), Poland and Ukraine (2018), Greece (2017), France (2016), Spain (2015), Serbia (2014), Scandinavia (2013), Romania (2012)...

Czech vegetation

The four-day bus excursion is focused on presentation of main vegetation types over the Czech Republic. Geological, historical and cultural phenomena are also presented in mutual interactions with the vegetation pattern and dynamics.

Alpine Botany

Several other courses include a field trip within the course (e.g. Community Ecology, Population Ecology Plant-Animal Interactions)