Research profiles of lecturers and possible thesis supervisors

Guarantor of the Master's study programme

Jan Lepš

My main interest is plant ecology, with major projects connected with mechanisms of species coexistence and stability in temperate grasslands, but I also work in tropical forest ecology. Further, I am interested in data analysis, and particularly in the multivariate data analysis.
Functional plant ecology


Vojtěch Novotný

A tropical ecologist studying plant-insect food webs in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea (and teaching about them in Europe).
Laboratory of Tropical Ecology

Karel Prach

Author of various publications in restoration ecology, vegetation ecology and ecology of invasive organisms. He has especially studied vegetation succession in various human-disturbed as well as naturally disturbed sites in the Czech Republic and in various parts of the world.

Petr Šmilauer

My research interests cover multivariate statistical methods, modern regression modelling, and the ecology of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in grassland ecosystems.

Francesco de Bello

Author of various publications on functional trait diversity. He is trained as a plant ecologist and agronomist. Using meadows and alpine vegetation as a study framework, he assesses the role of functional trait diversity on the interface between community assembly and ecosystem service delivery. His interests also include the effects of land-use changes on vegetation, and particularly grazing and mowing, and the development of integrated biodiversity indicator systems to monitor the effects of these changes in interaction with climate change.
Functional plant ecology

David Boukal

My research focuses on ecological and evolutionary processes in aquatic habitats. The lab uses a combination of lab and field experiments and mathematical modelling to understand and predict the impacts of environmental stressors on individual life histories, trophic interactions and community structuring. Our main emphasis is on freshwater invertebrates in standing waters but we also work with fish.

Václav Hypša

Molecular phylogeny and evolution of insect-associated bacteria, co-evolutionary studies in host-parasite systems, molecular phylogenetics in the evolutionary studies of parasitic groups.

Jan Hrček

My research interests are community ecology, symbiosis and evolutionary ecology. In my lab we experimentally address stability of communities, their response to global change and invasions. We use a model system based on wild Drosophila communities which allows us to link laboratory and field research. I have close ties with University of Oxford where I am research associate.
lab webpage

Kateřina Sam

My main interests are interactions between trophic levels, predation and community ecology. I work along large environmental gradients (latitude, altitude) but also locally. I focus on birds, bats, ans and spiders as focal predators, and I study their impact on arthropod communities
Laboratory of Multitrophic Interactions

Lars Götzenberger

I study plant community ecology through species traits and phylogenetic relationships. The main focus is on how traits and phylogeny imprint on species ecological strategies, and how this influences the assembly and stability of communities. From a technical site, I have a keen interest in R programming and ecological data bases.

Jana Jersáková

My main interest is plant ecology, focusing particularly on ecological aspects of life-strategies of terrestrial orchids, and factors affecting plant distribution, such as dependence on specific mycorrhizal fungi and specialized pollinators.

Pavel Duda

I am a zoologist specializing in human evolution. My research topics include evolution of primate behavior, human population history, and evolution of culture using a broad spectrum of phylogenetic comparative methods.

Eva Nováková

I am generally interested in bacterial symbioses of blood sucking vectors. My research focuses on evolution, function and dynamics of various forms of symbioses from loosely associated bacteria in complex microbiomes to obligate mutualists with extremely reduced genomes.

Hana Šantrůčková

Soil biology and biochemistry, nutrient transformation, stable isotopes in ecological studies.

Petr Blažek

I study plant ecology in grasslands. My main focus covers population ecology of hemiparasitic plants, but I participate in several other research projects and I want to move the results of research closer to farm practice.

I am in charge of communication with applicants in this study programme.