Practical information

This page provides you with the basic practical information to help you find your way in Czechia:

Living costs

As a former east-block country, the living costs are way lower in Czechia compared to west European countries.


You will find all important buildings in the university campus.


The University offers accommodation at dormitories in the campus. Sharing student flats is also very common.


Public transport.

Specific rules for foreigners



The language is Czech - a Slavic language partly intelligible for speakers of related languages, but usually quite difficult for other foreigners. The main foreign language is English followed by German and Russian. English is mostly spread among young people, at the universities, in town centres, so you will mostly find your way. At the same time, stories about conductors of international trains or foreign police clerks who cannot say a word in any foreign language are not uncommon... Google Translate makes quite good translations nowadays.