Field camp "Nostoc" is located in central part of Svalbard, fjord Billefjorden, in Petunia bay, near to the abandoned town Pyramiden (map).

Station contains of 4 huts (2x bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, lab) with heated tent in the middle. Tent is used as dining room and lounge. Capacity of station is 13 persons, temporarily 20 persons can overnight.

Transportation is provided by two rubber boats: Zodiac MK3 GR (max 7+1) 40 HP and Brig HD 410 (max 6+1) 25HP.

Operation rules of Czech Arctic Research Station

The station also includes 2 containers at the port of Pyramiden, which are used as a warehouse and emergency nightbed.


Practical information:

The official currency of Svalbard are Norwegian crowns (NOK). In Petuniabukta, the only place where you need money is BAR in Pyramiden :-).

The station can be very busy, especially during the summer, so please book your stay well in advance. The station is not very larger so be mindful to fellow researchers staying at the station and let us know if you require extra space or are bringing lots of equipment.

Everyone staying at the station has to answer to the base manager and must obey his/her requests. Please, be prepared to help out around the station, particularly with cleaning after yourself as there is no cleaning service.

During the busy times, boats or lab space may not always be available at the exact dates you need them. We recommend scheduling extra days for your research trip in case of bad weather or limited access to facilities. Always discuss your plans for the next days with the base manager.

All scientific projects in Svalbard must be registered in the Research in Svalbard database. Some projects require permission. Research permission and registration documents for RiS can be randomly checked!

You will need firearm and flare gun if you venture around the station. It is not recommended to travel in the field on your own and without safety equipment. We may provide field assistants for a fee but only on a very limited bases. 

In Nostoc station, you can not use the station kitchen to cook your own meals due to limited capacity of the kitchen.