Payer house


The Julius Payer House, named after the Czech polar explorer Julius Payer, is located in the central part of Svalbard, in the administrative centre of Svalbard, Longyearbyen (map). Situated directly opposite the University Centre in Svalbard and 5-10 min walk to the city Centre and most shops, offices and restaurants, it provides an excellent base for exploring the town and its surroundings.

- 2 bunk-bedrooms (8 beds in total)
Lounge area (suitable for small lectures and presentations)
- Bathroom and laundry
- F
ully equipped kitchen
2 laboratories (more info here)
- Workshop
Fridges, freezers and storage space
Firearm safe and weapon clearing station
- Wi-Fi eduroam

Vehicles: Two 4x4 off-road vehicles (Toyota LandCruiser and Hyundai Galloper) with 4+1 persons capacity to move around Longyearbyen are available. Capacity of car trailer for cargo is 1.3 tons.

Snowmobiles: 2x Yamaha Viking VK540 IV  with sleds.

Boats: Adventure V450 inflatable zodiac with a 40 HP engine (5+1 capacity).

Only authorised personnel from the Czech arctic research station are allowed to operate the vehicles, snowmobiles and boats. You can book your time with an experienced driver using our reservation system.

Operation rules of Czech Arctic Research Station

Station address:
Vei 401-42, 9170 Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Phone: +420 734 690 283 (active during summer)


Practical information:

Scandinavian and Norwegian airlines operate daily flights from Oslo and Tromsø to Longyearbyen. The airport is located 3 km from the town centre and there are regular bus service as well as taxis. Online check-in is required upon departure.

The official currency of Svalbard is Norwegian crown (NOK) but nearly all retailer and operators accept credit or debit cards.

The station can be very busy, especially during the summer, so please book your stay well in advance. The station is not very larger so be mindful to fellow researchers staying at the station and let us know if you require extra space or are bringing lots of equipment.

Everyone staying at the station has to answer to the base manager and must obey his/her requests. Please, be prepared to help out around the station, particularly with cleaning after yourself as there is no cleaning service.

During the busy times, cars, boats or lab space may not always be available at the exact dates you need them. We recommend scheduling extra days for your research trip in case of bad weather or limited access to facilities. Always discuss your plans for the next days with the base manager.

All scientific projects in Svalbard must be registered in the Research in Svalbard database. Some projects require permission. Research permission and registration documents for RiS can be randomly checked!

You will need firearm and flare gun if you venture outside of the city boundaries. It is not recommended to travel in the field on your own and without safety equipment. We may provide field assistants for a fee but only on very limited bases. 

You can use the station kitchen to cook your own meals or purchase food from us.