Main mission
The Centre for Polar ecology aims to promote and facilitate research and education in polar ecological sciences at the  Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. CPE operates  the Josef Svoboda research infrastructure and represents the scientific community of the Czech republic in International Arctic Science Committee.


CPE offers several courses related to polar ecology. Above all "Polar ecology course" consisting of two components, Life and Earth science. The course itself consists of 1 week intensive theoretical preparation in respective fields of interest and then especially 10 days field work on the Josef Svoboda research station in Svalbard.

Operation of the Josef Svoboda station research infrastructure

The infrastructre is located in central part of Svalbard  (map) and consists of three units:

  1. Payer’s House Longyearbyen
  2. Field station Nostoc
  3. Research vessel Clione