Theses offer

Topics of possible diploma theses: Zoology

  1. Succession of soil Acari in deglaciated area of Svalbard glaciers
  2. Zooplankton seasonal dynamics in two contrast lakes in High Arctic
  3. Stercorarius nest as a soil biodiversity centre in Arctic soil
  4. Kryoconite rotifers of polar glaciers - genetic structure and specificity
  5. Springtails of Svalbard bird cliffs and their relation to soil trophic conditions

Contact: Dr. Miloslav Devetter

Topics of possible theses: Plant ecology

If you would like cooperate with Plant Ecology workgroup please contact Dr. Petr Macek

Topics of possible theses: Ecology of glacier microorganisms

Cryoconites are water filled cylindrical melt-holes on glacier ice surfaces that are inhabited by microorganisms and small grazing animals (rotifers and tardigrades). We want to know how do the cryoconites and communities within develop over the melting season, where do they get their energy from and how do the different trophic levels interact with each other.

Work on this topic will contain field work in Svalbard and laboratory work in Czechia. More info HERE.

Contact: Dr. Marie Sabacka