CPE in Antarctica


Several CPE members took part in expeditions Antarctica in the winter 2018/2019!

60th Japan Antarctic Research Expedition - Josef Elster
Head of CPE, Dr. Josef Elster, participated in a Japan Antarctic Research Expediton JARE60. His journey started in Perth, Australie, where he boarded Japanese icebreaker Shirase. During his 4-month stay he collected many samples of mosses and cyanobacteria from Antarctic lakes.

Masaryk's university expedition to Nelson island (CzECO Nelson 2019) - Václav Pavel
Ornithologist Václav Pavel took part in an expedition to Nelson island, South Shetlands, which focused on cleaning up and reconstruction of an old base "ECO NELSON". They also made initial measurements and collected first samples from the area.

American expedition to Dry Valleys - Martin Lulák
Ph.D. student Martin Lulák participated in an expedition to McMurdo Dry Valleys lead by professor John C. Priscu from Montana State University. He was part of a Long Term Ecological Research Project focused on the ecology of perennially ice-covered lakes.

Josef Elster Josef Elster Shirase icebreaker Václav Pavel Martin Lulák penguins