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Wednesday 12th February 2020

18:00-21:00: Registration and Icebreaker reception at the lobby of the conference venue

Thursday 13th February 2020

08:00-09:00: Registration
09:00-09:15: Welcome speech
09:15-09:45: Keynote talk - Gradinger, R.: The changing Arctic Ocean ecosystems
09:45-10:45: Science talks, session 1
    09:45-10:00: Tarkhov, M.: Permafrost organic carbon in palsa peatland ecosystems of North-Western Siberia: an intensive response to experimental warming
    10:00-10:15: Vořísková, J.: Fast response of fungal and bacterial communities to climate change manipulation in two contrasting tundra soils
    10:15-10:30: Vonnahme, T.: Effects of a shallow tidewater glacier on under-ice spring blooms
    10:30-10:45: Goncharova, O.: Spatial distribution of organic and inorganic carbon fluxes on a wetland complex: hot spots and leading factors (West Siberia, Russia) 
10:45-11:15: Coffee break
11:15-12:30: Science talks, session 2
     11:15-11:30: Pushkareva, E.: Soil organic matter structure and cyanobacterial community composition in the soil active layer of Svalbard
     11:30-11:45: Wierzgoń, M.: Species composition of moss turf subformation on the Galindez Island (Argentine Islands, maritime Antarctic): setting a basis for monitoring of terrestrial environment
     11:45-12:00: Laanisto, L.: Playing hide and seek with intraspecific trait variability
     12:00-12:15: Kozeretska, I.: The origins of Antarctic vascular plants
12:30-14:00: Lunch
14:00-14:30: Keynote talk - Poste, A.: Linking land and sea: Arctic coastal responses to riverine inputs of terrestrial material
14:30-15:30: Science talks, session 3
      14:30-14:45: Moravec, J.: Arctic: power politics, natural resources and ecosystem services
      15:00-15:15: Mandryka, O.: New Ways for Polar Population Health Monitoring: Tools and Results
      15:15-15:30: Gavrilo, M.: Open Ocean: Arctic Archipelagos - 2019. Severnaya Zemlya - Multidisciplinary expedition towards better conservation of the pristine area of universal outstanding value
15:30-16:00: Coffee break
16:00-17:00: Science talks, session 4
      16:00-16:15: Jimel, M.: Annual development of mat-forming filamentous algae Tribonema sp. in hydro-terrestrial habitats in the Arctic
      16:30-16:45: Kvíderová, J.: Algal mass cultivation in low-temperatures
19:00-22:00: Conference dinner (Naše farma)

Friday 14th February 2020

09:00-09:30: Keynote talk - Hromádková, T.: The life strategy of the Arctic tern
09:30-11:00: Science talks, session 5
      09:30-09:45: Akhil, P.: Arctic tern - a potential carrier of multi-drug resistant bacteria and ARG's into pristine polar environments?
      09:45-10:00: Zmuczynska-Skabek, K.: The influence of seabird colonies on Arctic shallow benthic communities
      10:00-10:15: Bechberger, O.: Habitat changes of polar bears in summer as assessed by long term observations in North-East Greenland
      10:15-10:30: Ingle, K.: Categorizing epibiotic communities from seaweed ecosystem in more ecological way
      10:30-10:45: Kuzmina, T.: Helminths of Notothenia coriiceps from the Vernadsky station area (Argentine Islands, Antarctic): alteration of the parasite community during last decades
10:45-11:15: Coffee break
11:15-12:30: Science talks, session 6
      11:15-11:30: Štefková Kašparová, E.: Is different lifestyle clue to different survival potential? Effect of climate change on marine polar biota
      11:30-11:45: Kreiling, A.-K.: Temporal and spatial patterns of invertebrate diversity in freshwater springs in Iceland
      11:45-12:00: Hejduková, E.: How to survive winter? Annual study of freshwater diatoms in the Arctic
      12:00-12:15: Jaroměřská, T.: Trophic Relationships in Cryoconite Holes
      12:15-12:30: Procházková, L.: Ecophysiology of the two most common algae in Arctic snow blooms
12:30-14:00: Lunch
14:00-14:30: Keynote talk - Bárta, J.: Buried but not dead: Microbiomes of Arctic Cryosols
14:30-15:30: Science talks, session 7
      14:30-14:45: Stachnik, L.: Chemical weathering characteristics in two glacierised basins reveal a long-term biogeochemical impact of deglaciation
      14:45-15:00: Kasprzak, M.: Liquid water as a factor conducive to permafrost degradation in Svalbard
      15:00-15:15: Szymanowski, M.: Permafrost active layer thermics controlled by landform features
15:30-16:00: Coffee break
16:00-17:00: Science talks, session 8
      16:00-16:15: Kavan, J.: Post-Little Ice Age development of coast in the locality of Kapp Napier, central Spitsbergen, Svalbard archipelago
      16:15-16:30: Rantala, M.: Sunlight shapes carbon cycling across the subarctic landscape - tracing solar fingerprints in lake water and sediment biochemistry
      16:30-16:45: Kivilä, H.: Effects of light and UV radiation on northern aquatic ecosystems

17:00-18:00: Poster session

Saturday 15th February 2020

09:00-16:00: Excursion (Kleť Observatory)

Poster session

The poster session will be held in the lobby of the venue. Poster display boards will be set by early evening on Wednesday. We suggest you set up your poster upon arrival. Supplies will be available. Posters will remain on display during the whole event. All authors should be near their posters and prepared to discuss their work at the appropriate time on Friday evening.