Mgr. Marie Šabacká, Ph.D.

microbial ecology, glacier ecology

Phone: +420 387 776 313




My research is focused on the ecology of polar microorganisms, particularly those inhabiting glacier ecosystems. My research interests are:

  • Glacier ecology (Arctic, Antarctic and Tropical Glaciers)
  • Impact of climate changes upon the structure and functioning of polar and alpine ecosystems
  • Molecular diversity, ecology and evolution of glacier microorganisms
  • Biogeochemistry of cold environments

I am also one of the coordinators for INTERACT network Rapid Response to Environmental Alerts.

Keywords: glacier ecology, microbiology, biogeochemistry, nutrient cycling, ecosystem production, tropical glaciers


Marie has a master’s degree in biology from the University of South Bohemia and a Ph.D. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from Montana State University, Bozeman, USA. Her Ph.D. was focussed on terrestrial microbial ecology across the polar desert landscape of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica. She then moved to a postdoctoral position with British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, where she researched climate forcing of biological activity in snow and ice ecosystems in maritime Antarctica. After another short postdoc at School of Geographical Sciences at University of Bristol, UK, she moved to her current position at Centre for Polar Ecology, University of South Bohemia. Marie has participated on nearly 20 research expeditions or voyages into Arctic, Antarctic and other remote areas.

Selected publications:

Hodson A, Nowak A, Šabacká M, Jungblut A, Navarro F, Pearce D, Convey P, Vieira G (2017) Runoff is a climate-sensitive vector for iron delivery to maritime Antarctic coastal ecosystems. Nature Communications

Hodson A, Nowak A, Cook J, Šabacká M, Wharfe ES, Pearce D, Convey P, Vieira G (2017) Microbes influence the biogeochemical and optical properties of maritime Antarctic snow. JGR: Biogeosciences. doi: 10.1002/2016JG003694

Stibal M, Šabacká M, Žárský J (2012) Biological processes on glacier and ice sheet surfaces. Nature Geoscience 5:771-774. doi:10.1038/ngeo1611

Šabacká M, Priscu JC, Basagic HJ, Fountain AG, Wall DH, Virginia RA and Greenwood MC (2011) Aeolian flux of biotic and abiotic material in Taylor Valley, Antarctica. Geomorphology 155-156:102-111. doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2011.12.009

Michaud AB, Šabacká M, Priscu JC, (2012) Cyanobacterial diversity across landscape units in a polar desert: Taylor Valley, Antarctica. FEMS Microbiol Ecol. 82: 268-278. doi: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2012.01297.x