Biomedical Laboratory Techniques (bachelor)


Garant of the study programme:


RNDr. Jindřich Chmelař, Ph.D.  


phone: +420 387 776 278

building C PřF JU, door 02 061

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About the programme

Bachelor study programme Biomedical laboratory techniques offers knowledge and skills that enable absolvents to carry on basic and advanced work in biological and biomedical research facilities. The choice of compulsory courses and the study plan guide students to the understanding of principles of human body functioning, including its pathologies, at molecular, cellular, tissue and organismal levels. Absolvents are capable of performing modern methods based on the analysis of nucleic acids and proteins. They can find positions in research laboratories focused on basic and preclinical biomedical research that represents one of the most important and well-financed research areas. They can apply for positions also in biomedical and pharmaceutical research and development or in biotechnology or healthcare material vendor companies. Absolvents can also continue in Master programme Clinical biology.

Study plan for Biomedical laboratory techniques