Clinical biology (master)

Garant of the study programme:


Prof. RNDr. Jan Kopecký, CSc.

phone: +420 387 776 274
building C PřF JU, door 02 038

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Briefly about the Clinical Biology program

The Master's program of Clinical Biology enables to acquire a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical skills and to apply them in practice in carrying out complex methodological procedures in a wide range of laboratories, including the latest diagnostic and analytical methods. A graduate of Clinical Biology is able to interpret and integrate the results of individual laboratory findings and can therefore find employment in leading positions of clinical or diagnostic laboratories (virology, medical genetics, clinical biochemistry, etc.). The program Clinical Biology can be followed by doctoral study and continue scientific work.

The Clinical Biology study program does not have medical accreditation, this qualification can be obtained by completing an accredited qualification course “Professional Medical Laboratory Methods”.


Study plan for Clinical Biology