Infection biology (doctoral)

Garant of the study programme:


Prof. RNDr. Jan Kopecký, CSc.

phone: +420 387 776 274
building C PřF JU, door 02 038

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Characteristics of Infection biology program

In October 2013, the Faculty of Science of the USB received the accreditation of a new doctoral study program of Infection Biology within the Biology study program. The accreditation is the result of a long-term effort of the Department of Medical Biology to provide students of the Master's program of Clinical Biology with the opportunity to continue their studies in biomedicine in the doctoral study program. The accreditation application was created on the basis of cooperation between the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Health and Social Studies at USB. Lecturers of both faculties participate in the offered lectures for PhD students.

Doctoral study program Infection Biology is focused on diagnostics, clinics, immunology and epidemiology of infectious diseases and ecology of infectious agents. It reflects the need to prepare specialists, especially for the early diagnosis of emergent infectious diseases. An important part of the knowledge gained by future doctoral students is the areas in which biology cooperates with medicine - especially immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry or parasitology. Another area of interest is research into the impact of severe human disease vectors on the host immune response. The study of immunotherapeutic possibilities of cancer treatment is also one of the possible topics for the dissertation.


Topics of doctoral theses

Study of tumor immunotherapy, immunopathogenesis of tick-borne encephalitis virus, molecular epidemiology of prominent vector-transmitted and zoonotic infections, molecular and biochemical characterization of proteins from vectors of severe diseases, effect of tick salivary proteins on cells of natural immunity, functional analysis of Ťahyňa virus proteins, multiple spatial immunolocalization of antigens by electron microscopy.


Collaborating institutions: Biology Centre AS CR, Institute of Parasitology, Institute of Entomology


Study plan for Infection Biology