Provision of the Dean of 23 September 2020 on Extraordinary Measure in the Organization of Teaching in Connection with the COVID-19 epidemic of 23 September 2020

Provision of the Dean
of 23 September 2020
Extraordinary Measure in the Organization of Teaching in Connection with
the COVID-19 epidemic
of 23 September 2020 

In connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, I declare the following measures to maintain full-
time education to the maximum extent possible as stipulated by the responsible state authorities, 
especially the Government of the Czech Republic and the public health authorities.

General conditions

  1. All participants are obliged to follow the planned measures issued by the relevant authorities.
  2. All participants are to take special hygienic measures. 
  3. Only individuals who are not waiting for the result of a COVID-19 test or do not feel the symptoms of COVID-19 (i.e. especially fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste and smell) or have not been in direct contact with COVID-19 positive person are to take part in lesson, lectures, seminars etc. 
  4. Students who, for health reasons, are unable to wear a mask or respirator in advance are to inform the responsible member of teacher staff (hereinafter teacher) and ask the Dean's secretary to assign a face shield. 

Teaching organisation 

  1. The current schedule for the winter semester is to be maintained. However, additional groups for practical exercises, seminars, or lectures may be added to implement teaching in smaller numbers of students. 
  2. In the case of all practical exercises and seminars, their leader must provide a sufficient number of groups for the teaching of all students. The division of individual students into such groups is to be decided upon by of the exercise/seminar leader. The teaching of additional groups may take place outside the teaching period set by the academic calendar and on nonworking days outside of public holidays, but no later than the end of the winter semester of the academic year 2020/2021. 
  3. The teacher is to inform the students of all changes in the organization of teaching individual subjects by mass e-mail via IS STAG. 
  4. All teachers are to prepare study materials from lectures to the appropriate extent for them to be available to students who can not attend full-time teaching, i.e. provide, for example, spoken or sufficiently annotated presentations via MS Teams or LMS Moodle. 
  5. Teaching of subjects with more than fifty enrolled students is to be divided into several rooms or taught remotely or online. The Vice-Dean for Study is to discuss the form individually with the individual guarantors of these subjects and will provide co-operation in reserving suitable space. 
  6. The maximum number of participants at lectures and practical exercises carried out in regular classrooms must not exceed 1/3 of the capacity of the room; the maximum number of students of practical exercises carried out in specialised classrooms must not exceed 15. The teacher is responsible for compliance with the number of students. At the same time, they are to draw students' attention to the need to adhere to spacing and other valid measures. Students not respecting the set spacing rules do so at their own risk. 
  7. The teaching of subjects with an enrolled number of students higher than 1/3 of the capacity of the allocated room will be moved by the teacher in cooperation with the scheduling manager to areas with higher capacity, if these are available at the same time, or are organized remotely or online. 
  8. If the teacher belongs to a risk group, he/she may, with the knowledge of the Head of Department, replace direct teaching with distance or online teaching. 
  9. For teachers with an enrolled number students of ≤4, the reservation of the classroom/lecture hall etc. is to be canceled; the teacher is to ensure teaching in the premises of his/her workplace (department, institute). 
  10. The teacher must provide students with consultations on request, even beyond the scope of their consultation hour/s, if any. 
  11. The teacher is not required to wear mouth and nose protection during lessons if h/she is at least 2 meters away from the students. 
  12. The teacher may exclude a student without appropriate protective equipment from a lesson etc., or if the student repeatedly violates the valid measures. Such exclusion in the case of compulsory exercises is to be recorded in the attendance list and is the equivalent of an unexcused absence for the student. 

Final provision 

  • Consultations on this provision are to be provided by the Vice-Dean for Studies.
  • This provision shall enter into force on the day of its issue. 

prof. Ing. Hana Šantrůčková, CSc.
Dean of  Faculty of Science USB