Bohemian Forest Flora


Štech Milan, Department of Botany
01 Jan 2019 – 31 Dec 2021
Cross-border Cooperation Czech Republic - Free State of Bavaria EÚS Target 2014 – 2020

Bohemian Forest Flora (BY-CZ 216)
Title CZ: Květena Šumavy
Title EN: Bohemian Forest Flora
Coordinator: University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Partners: Administration of the Šumava National Park, Natural History Collections of Bavaria, Bavarian Forest National Park Administration
PI: Štech Milan, Department of Botany
Implementation: 01 Jan 2019 – 31 Dec 2021
Budget: 1 150 700,41 EUR (project) / 418 926,22 EUR (Faculty of Science)
Provider: Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology
Call: Cross-border Cooperation Czech Republic - Free State of Bavaria EÚS Target 2014 – 2020


Research on Šumava flowers has a long tradition on both sides, but the overall synthesis has so far encountered other methodological approaches in individual countries, various explorations of individual regions and linguistic or political reasons for limited cooperation between experts. Therefore, the presented project expands and combines available data on the distribution and ecological demands of vascular plants in Šumava in a unique way, regardless of state borders. A critical evaluation of these data makes it possible to present on a common website the current and historical distribution and abundance of vascular plants, inter alia, in the form of network occurrence maps with ecological information on these species. This information is absolutely essential for the creation of conceptual measures in deciding on the priorities of species and ecosystem protection on both sides of the border. This includes monitoring the development of rare and endangered species populations. The easy availability of knowledge about the flower and several changes will increase not only the interest in further research of plants in Šumava but also the willingness of the public to take responsibility for its preservation.


  • Collection of all available data on plant distribution into national discovery databases
  • Connection of the Czech and Bavarian databases and joint presentation of enlargement data
  • Cross-border survey of critical groups of plants
  • Creation of a common Red List of Endangered Plant Species of the entire Šumava
  • • Active protection of the most endangered species


  • Web application connecting national databases and a common red list of endangered species of vascular plants of the entire Šumava
  • Measures to stabilize populations will be implemented within the project through active management on an area of approximately 20 hectares