ESF2: Development of USB – ESF II; KA2: New trends in education at SCI


Faculty of Science, Hauer Tomáš
01 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2022
MŠMT OPVVV 02-18-056

ESF2 (CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_056/0013061)
Title CZ: Rozvoj JU – ESF II
Title EN: Development of USB – ESF II
Coordinator: University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
PI: Faculty of Science, Hauer Tomáš
Implementation: 01 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2022
Budget: 22 650 748,96 CZK (project): 21 518 211,51 CZK (MŠMT subsidy) + 1 132 537,45 CZK (5% USB co-funding)
8 330 940,80 CZK (SCI): 7 914 393,76 CZK (MŠMT subsidy) + 416 547,04 CZK (5% SCI co-funding)
Provider: MŠMT
Call: OPVVV 02_18_056



Key activity KA2 of the ESF2 project is focused on the comprehensive restructuring of the bachelor's study of biology at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia and the improvement of educational activities. Based on international experience, the faculty is aware of the need to strengthen the competencies of students in academic oriented study programmes. The key innovative element that the faculty wants to introduce into teaching is the modular teaching system and research-oriented teaching. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the ability to analyze and synthesize deeper field knowledge and skills in the field of education and understanding of interdisciplinary contexts. The courses will be grouped into comprehensive field-oriented modules that combine the knowledge and skills of individual profiling specialties. This concept includes the weakening of frontal teaching and increases the emphasis on the practical acquisition of knowledge and creative work of students.


Improvement of teaching activities in the field of botany, zoology, ecosystem biology, experimental plant biology, molecular biology and genetics, medical biology and parasitology, consisting in the innovation of teaching methods and the organization of teaching.


1) Research-oriented teaching: foreign experience for teaching innovation at SCI (private)
Working material, basic information for discussion at the faculty (Jan 2020 – Feb 2021)

2) Courses in Biology, Ecology and Environmental Protection at SCI (private)
Working material, analytical document for discussion at the fakulty (Feb 2020 – Apr 2021)

3) Suggestions and recommendations for teaching innovation at SCI (private)
Working material, specification of the methodology of implementation of new concept of teaching and education at SCI (Mar 2021 – Aug 2021)

4) Modular teaching system at SCI (private)
Working material, document for discussion at the fakulty and analysis of time and space intensity of teaching. In the final form part of the Methodology of research-oriented teaching ( Sep 2021 – Jun 2022)

5) Methodology of research-oriented teaching at SCI (public)
Methodology setting out the basic principles of implementation of research-oriented teaching at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, a guide for teachers, coordinators of subjects and study programmess, heads of departments (Apr 2022 – Sep 2022)

6) Implementation of module teaching in internal regulations of the Faculty of Science (public)
Official document regulating the rules of study within the innovated teaching system in connection with the Study and Examination Regulations of the University of South Bohemia (Oct 2022 – Dec 2022)