Special seminar of Dpt. of Molecular Biology and Genetics


On Wednesday, January 16, is a special seminar of Dpt. of Molecular Biology and Genetics. Location is seminar room of PARU II, above the animal house, starting at 1 p.m

The speaker, Jeff Price is mostly famous for his discoveries on circadian clock in Drosophila, when he significantly contributed to success of Mike Young's lab (Mike Young got the Nobel price in 2017, together with Jeff Hall and Mike Rosbasch). Jeff Price is known for his discoveries of double time, later, during his independent carrier, he extended his interest into connection between circadian clock and neurodegenerative diseases. On Wednesday he will talk about:

"The Roles of Novel Interactions with the Principal Circadian Kinase in the Regulation of Cell Death and Alzheimer’s Disease Pathways"

Jeff serves as a referee for PhD defense of Lenka Chodakova, so if you are really interested in chronobiology, her defense might be interesting for you as well (Tuesday, 11 a.m. seminar room of PARU II).