Traditional climb on Kleť


Dear members of the academic community of the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, supporters and friends. We invite you to the traditional CLIMB ON KLEŤ
(30th anniversary this year!)

Every year on the public holiday November 17th, our faculty organizers a trip to the Kleť Mt. We meet till 8:30 AM a front of the main faculty and Academy complex in Branišovská street and go app. 30 km to the summit. The return back is possible by train from Plešovice or Holubov at 17:12 (17:18 resp.), 19:12 (19:18) or 21:12 (21:18) with the arrival to Budweis at 17:40, 19:40 or 21:40.

All foreign faculty members are cordially invited.


                                                                Karel Prach