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The Language Department at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, provides language courses for students from any of the university faculties. Along with English, we also offer courses in Spanish, German, French and Russian.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the concept of English as a lingua franca, i.e. English as a global language. That is why we provide students the necessary language skills to study and work in an international context and to effectively communicate in both written and spoken English.

At the Bachelor level, we focus on general English, English for academic purposes and practical use of English in the workplace. At the Master’s level, we teach academic English, including academic writing, presentation and debating skills. Finally, at the PhD level, we have classes in English for specific purposes to practice the language skills specifically needed by doctoral students.

We support communicative approaches in instruction, such as cooperative learning, task-based learning and blended learning. We emphasize the development of independent and responsible learning and believe in providing an individual approach to the learners’ needs. We encourage students to become aware of the larger cultural context involved in language learning.

The Language Department of FS is committed to the principles of language teaching at universities defined by the Wulkow Memorandum.

Wulkow Memorandum