Description of examinations

You need to register for the examination dates on STAG. 
Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination. 
   Have your ID ready. 
Tests can be checked in Mgr. Klára Pavlínová's and Mgr. Zuzana Kovářová's office hours.

The valid beginning of the examination is the time mentioned in the note in STAG.

The 30 mins before the beginning of the examination is necessary for preparation of the room and the registration of candidates.

Bachelor's Final English Examination

Master‘s Final English Examination

Doctor's Final English Examination

TOEFL ITP for PhD students

Examination codes and titles

OJZ 900 – Advancement Examination in English (first year bachelor students)
OJZ 910 – Bachelor's Examination in English
OJZ 930 – Master's Examination in English
OJZ 940 – TOEFL ITP for doctoral students
OJZ 950 – Doctor's Final Examination in English