Bachelor's Final English Examination

The Final Bachelor´s English Examination is in written form. It is divided into four parts: listening, grammar, vocabulary and work with a text. There are max. of 30 points to be obtained from this exam (from the overall total of 120). The time limit is 120 minutes with no break.

  • Grammar and general vocabulary on B2 level (CEFR)
  • Knowledge of vocabulary from the Study Texts
  • Literature: Murphy, R.: English Grammar in Use

Description of individual parts:


There are two texts/articles read by a native speaker. The students are asked to fill in missing information during the dictation of the first text which is on a biological theme. Students answer true /false questions according to the second text which is on a more general topic. Each text is read twice.


Grammar part consists of 30 items in total.
All items have the following form:

You can't stop me __________ what I want.
A  doing               B  do          C  to do               D  that I do

and the students are asked to complete the sentence with the correct variation, only one of the possibilities is correct.


This part focuses on the testing of vocabulary from the study texts from the previous 4 semesters and is made up of three exercises. The first of these is a gap-fill exercise, ie. using the offered words to fill gaps in given  sentences. In the second exercise students are to choose the word from the four options provided which best fits the given description. The third exercise is a so called multiple-choice exercise, ie. choosing the correct answer from the given options. In this exercise the student is to choose the one word from the four given options which best fits the given sentence.

Work with texts

This part is made up of three different exercises. In the first, which is in the form of a multiple choice exercise, the student is to answer questions connected to a text. In the second, the student is to fill gaps in the sentences provided according to the context. The third is made up of two extracts from the study texts. In each of them, the student is to identify synonyms in the extracts for the words or phrases provided.


Result in percent Grading
91 - 100 Excellent
84 - 90 Excellent minus
77 - 83 Very good
71 - 76 Very good minus
66 - 70 Good
0 - 65 Fail