Doctor's Final English Examination OJZ 950

Before taking the Doctor's Final English Examination (OJZ 950), students are to acquire a credit for “TOEFL ITP for PhD Students” (OJZ 940) by submitting a certificate from TOEFL ITP (min. score 543), TOEFL iBT (min. score 72), or IELTS (min. score 5.5). The TOEFL ITP examination may be taken free of charge on dates provided by the Language Department.
The points achieved in TOEFL ITP can be converted to CEFR levels (A1 - C1) here.

The examination tests the ability to write a scientific text in English on a topic familiar to the candidate, the ability to present findings from the candidate's field, the ability to discuss a given topic and the ability to explain grammar phenomena from a specialist text. The tasks are designed to elicit language at level C1.

The examination has the following parts:

Written part

A written essay on one of six specialist topics familiar to the candidate and of an approximate length of 400 words (minimum pass: 350 words).

  • One week before the exam, a list of 6 topics must be provided by the student, including a short 1-2 sentence explanation of what each topic involves and what they plan to present. The topics need to be approved by the supervisor and the exam invigilator as being separate from each other.
  • At the exam, students are assigned one of their topics by the invigilator and write an essay based on it within a maximum of 120 mins.

The essay should follow the format:

  1. Problem/topic statement (introductory paragraph)
  2. Exploration of the topic (structured - paragraphs)
  3. Conclusion (concluding paragraph)

Oral part

An oral examination based on one of six specialist topics familiar to the candidate provided by the student and an oral analysis of an extract.

  • The candidate is to provide the examiner with the specialist material at the time of the written part of the examination (A publication written by a native speaker in English, of a length of no less than 100 pages and recommended by the supervisor. A compilation of abstracts is not suitable).
  • The examination panel is to consist of two teachers from the language department. The candidate's supervisor or a representative appointed by the supervisor is welcome to attend.
  • The examination is to last approximately 20 minutes.
  • The exam is to consist of
    • a short oral overview given by the student on one of the topics from the list (other than that chosen for the written part) followed by a discussion with one of the examiners.
    • an oral analysis of an extract from a specialist publication – an explanation of given grammar phenomena from the extract based on questions from one of the examiners.

The following list of topics for the examination should be delivered to the Department of Student Affairs at least one week before the date of examination.

List of topics