TOEIC instead of the Bachelor’s English Examination

The language department offers students of the Faculty of Science at USB the option of taking the TOEIC exam as an alternative to the bachelor’s exam.

From the winter semester of 2013/2014 students may write the TOEIC Listening and Reading Examination as an alternative to the bachelor’s exam.

Information about the exam:

  • It is an international language exam focused on the work environment and recognised by firms and institutes of education worldwide.
  • There are exam sessions every month. Students must enrol for the official TOEIC dates, no other dates are available.
  • On the same page (International Exams) are to be found
    • detailed information on the exam
    • a link to a webpage with online sample tests
    • instructions for enrolment on the exam – it is necessary to register for the exam 3 weeks in advance.   
  • A block preparatory course is announced for every semester (8 teaching hours).
  • The exam is subsidised. The price of the exam for students of SF JU is 1,700kč, and is offered at cost-price.
    The student may be requested to provide a confirmation of study.
  • The pass grade is 550 points.

The procedure for recognition of TOEIC instead of the bachelor’s exam:

  • The student enrols on the bachelor’s exam and to be awarded a grade brings their TOEIC exam certificate.
  • The minimum grade for the TOEIC exam to be acknowledged as an alternative to the bachelor’s exam is 550 points.
  • The table for conversion of points from the TOEIC exam to CEFR level is to be found here (pdf).
  • Grades are awarded on the basis of the conversion of the point score in the TOEIC exam to grades – see bellow.
     Points Grade
    785 a více 1
    725 - 784 1-
    665 - 724 2
    605 - 664 2-
    550 - 604 3
    549 a méně fail