OJZ 410 - Master’s English 1 NS until 2019

Code: OJZ 410

Title:   Master’s English 1 NS (Magisterská angličtina 1 NS)

Abbreviation: MA1 NS

Length: one semester

Level (CEFR):  B2

Credits: 2

Number of participants: 15

Target participants: First year Master’s students

Entry requirement/level of the course (CEFR):  B2

If not sure, please, assess your level using the diagnostic tools like self-placement DIALANG or the „CEFR assessment grid“ on our webpage.

Aims:  The course aims to expand learners’ listening and oral skills, increase their vocabulary range, and improve their presentation and debating abilities.

Content and Approach: Students practise the skills of speaking and listening in English. Working individually, in pairs and groups, they take part in debates and practise giving presentations on topics of their choice.

Assessment, Credits and Workload:

Credit is awarded for

  • Regular attendance (maximum three absences)
  • Homework
  • Poster design and presentation

A minimum of one hour of homework is expected per week for students who are at the appropriate level for this class. Weaker students are expected to do more homework.


Participants will receive instructions from their respective instructors as to where to download and print the appropriate materials.  

Other requirements:

It is not possible to attend this course without first registering on-line (STAG).