OJZ 510 - English for BCH and BI

Course description:

Code: OJZ 510

Title: English for BCH and BI

Length: one week

Level: B1 – B2

Credits: 0

Target participants: First year students of Biological Chemistry and Bioinformatics

Entry requirement/level of the course: B1 - B2

The students must have passed the entrance examinations in English.

Aims: Preparing Biological Chemistry and Bioinformatics students for study in English

Content and Approach: The classes focus on all language skills necessary for study in English – reading, listening, speaking, writing, and specialist vocabulary.

  • Reading – students work with texts used for the preparation for the TOEFL examination as well as with scientific texts focusing on chemistry and bioinformatics.
  • Listening – through direct communication with native speakers and listening exercises used for TOEFL preparation.
  • Speaking – model situations in groups
  • Writing – writing essays
  • Specialist vocabulary for Biological Chemistry is taught by a chemistry specialist.


Credit is awarded for:

  • Regular attendance (maximum three absences)
  • Active participation in English in class
  • Submission of home assignments
  • The work load of home preparation is up to a number of hours per day

Materials: TOEFL Preparation Course, Dušková: Angličtina pro vědecké pracovníky, scientific papers, etc.

Other requirements:

  • It is not possible to attend this course without at first registering on-line (STAG).