OJZ 711 – French 1

Code: OJZ 711

Title: French 1

Abbreviation: FR 1

Length: 1 semester

Level: A0 – A1-

Credits: 3

Target participants: Any student who has an interest in French language and culture.

Entry requirement/level of the course: A0 – the course is meant for complete beginners.

Aims: To provide basic information on French language and francophone culture around the world.

Content and Approach: As regards language the course is focused on getting to grips with pronunciation, spelling, basic grammar and vocabulary as dealt with in lessons 1-3 of the Connexions classbook 1. Supplementary tasks arising from classbook materials. Basic knowledge of French culture and habits.


  • The course ends with a written test in which the pass mark is 70%.


  • R.Mérieux, Y.Loiseau: Connexions I /méthode de français/, Didier, Paris 2004
  • R.Mérieux, Y.Loiseau: Connexions I /cahier d´exercices/, Didier, Paris 2004

Further requirements:

  • It is not possible to attend the course without registering for it on STAG.