OJZ 526 - English for Science 2

Code: OJZ 526

Title: English for Science 2

Abbreviation: ESC2

Course length: 1 semester

Level according to CEFR: B1 – B2

Credit points: 2

Target student group: Students at level B1-B2 who wish to focus on the specialist language used in the natural sciences.

Entry requirements/level according CEFR: B1-B2

If not sure, please, assess your level using a placement test or the “CEFR assessment grid” on our web pages.


Target: To widen, supplement, and practice English via a focus on functional language and vocabulary from the field of the natural sciences.

Course contents and characteristics: Via a communicative approach students will practice and consolidate a chosen range of vocabulary and functional language from the field of the natural sciences. An essential part of the course is work on the improvement of listening, reading, and conversational skills. The practice of language skills, vocabulary, functional language, and grammar take place in the context of the field of the natural sciences. Activities are conducted via group, pair, and individual work.

Assessment/credit points/preparation:

Credit points are awarded for:

  • Regular attendance (3 absences allowed)
  • Active work during lessons
  • Homework
  • Passing quizzes and tests with a minimum number of points as determined by individual instructors

The course requires a minimum of one hour per week of homework.


  • Tamzen Armer : Cambridge English for Scientists, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2011

Further requirements:

  • To attend the course all students must be registered on STAG.