OJZ 540 - English for Autonomous Learning

Course description:

Code: OJZ 540

Title: English for Autonomous Learning

Abbreviation: EAL

Length: 1 semester

Level: B1 – C1

Credits: 2

Target participants: Students who want to improve their language skills according to their individual needs and requirements, Erasmus students.

Entry requirement/level of the course: B1

If not sure, please, assess your level using a placement test or the “CEFR assessment grid” on our web pages.

Aims: Develop language skills according to the individual students’ needs

Content and Approach:

The course is based on the principles of autonomous learning, which include planning, considering and setting goals, making decisions about possible areas of improvement, and evaluating the learning process and students’ progress. The learners develop their learning and their English language skills according to their individual needs to become more independent and spontaneous language users.


  • Attendance – group sessions week 1and 2
  • Attendance – minimum  three group sessions – agreed upon at the beginning
  • Individual meetings – counselling – 3x15 min
  • Drawing up a study plan and writing contracts which are agreed upon and confirmed by the teacher
  • Keeping a detailed LOG and portfolio of work completed

 Materials: individual

Other requirements:

  • It is not possible to attend this course without registering on-line first (STAG).