OJZ 670 - English Conversation, CEFR B1-B2

Course description:

Code: OJZ 670

Title: English Conversation (Anglická konverzace), CEFR: B1-B2

Length: 1 semester

Level: B1-B2

Credits: 1

Target participants: Students who have a good level of English and want to practice mainly speaking skills and expressing ideas on a range of topics.

Entry requirement/level of the course (CEFR): B1

If not sure, please, assess your level using a placement test or the “CEFR assessment grid” on our web pages.

Aims: The course aims to expand participants’ speaking skills, increase their vocabulary range, and improve their confidence and ability to understand  spoken English.

Content and Approach: The main emphasis will be on encouraging students to speak as much and as fluently as possible, whether as a whole class or in pairs or small groups. The course may involve vocabulary activities, debates, presentations and reading or listening activities as a basis for debate and discussion according to the interest of participants. There will be the option of work with video and audio materials and any other materials which are relevant to the participants’ interests or their studies.


Credit is awarded for:

  • Regular attendance (maximum three absences)
  • Active participation in English in class
  • Homework – preparing for discussion


Materials: available on Moodle

Other requirements:

  • It is not possible to attend this course without first registering on-line (STAG).