OJZ 705 - Spanish 5

Course description:

Code: OJZ 705

Title: Spanish 5

Abbreviation: SP5

Length: 1 semester

Level: A2 – B1⁻

Credits: 3

Student target group: All students who have an interest in the study of Spanish and Spanish culture.

Entry requirements/level of course: A2 - the course is meant as a continuation of Spanish 4.

Target: The course is focused on the intensive practice of previously acquired knowledge.

Course content and characteristics: All students will have the opportunity to form their thoughts and use their language knowledge within the bounds of a compulsory presentation in Spanish. The recommended primary material is the Fiesta I classbook, in particular repetition of lessons 9-11 supplemented by lesson 10. Secondary materials are similar to those used in Spanish 4, and are constantly updated according to what the literary market offers.


  • The course ends with a written exam with a pass grade of 70%.
  • Students are assessed on active work in class, fulfilment of homework, and regular attendance (3 permitted absences).

Materials: The recommended primary material is the Fiesta I classbook, lessons 1-10, (Králová, Jana a kol.: Fiesta I, španělština pro střední a jazykové školy, Fraus, Plzeň, 2000).

Further requirements:

  • All students participating in the course are required to register on STAG.