OJZ 714 – French 4

Code: OJZ 714

Title: French 4

Abbreviation: FR 4

Length: 1 semester

Level: A2⁻ - A2

Credits: 3

Target participants: Any student who has an interest in French language and culture.

Entry requirement/level of the course: A2- – it is meant as a continuation from F3.

Aims: To consolidate the knowledge gained in the previous course and to finish Connexions classbook 1.

Content and Approach: Class materials from lessons 10-12 of the Connexions classbook 1. By the end of the course the students will be able to express their thoughts in the future simple tense (le futur simple) and the subjunctive (le sobjonctif) to express the Czech „aby“. Focus on fluent and independent expression in the spoken and written form. Reading and comprehension of full text. Supplementary exercises, francophone culture and habits.


  • The course ends with a written test in which the pass mark is 70%.


  • R.Mérieux, Y.Loiseau: Connexions I /méthode de français/, Didier, Paris 2004
  • R.Mérieux, Y.Loiseau: Connexions I /cahier d´exercices/, Didier, Paris 2004

Further requirements:

  • It is not possible to attend the course without registering for it on STAG.