OJZ 725 – German 5

Course description:

Code: OJZ 725

Title: German 5

Abbreviation: NE 5

Length: 1 semester

Level: B1

Credits: 3

Student target group: All those with an interest in German language and culture

Entry requirements/level of students: A2. The course is meant as a continuation of German 4.

Target: To develop knowledge from the previous course, German culture

Course contents and characteristics: The course is focused on the consolidation of grammar (verbs with prepositions, adverbial da- and wo- compounds, als and wie, summary of the word order, adverbials in the sentence, purpose clauses with damit) and on widening and consolidating vocabulary (transportation and travel, orientation in the town, job interview, culture and film). The set textbook will be supplemented with additional materials.

During the semester, 3 units will be covered: 13, 14 and 1 (Book 2).


  • Regular attendance (3 absences permitted)
  • End of semester exam – a written test (pass grade 70%) and an oral exam.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch, Parts 1 (units 13 and 14) and 2 (unit 1): classbook and CD

Further requirements:

  • All students attending must be enrolled on STAG.