OJZ 727 - German Conversation

(Německá konverzace)

Course description:

Code: OJZ 727

Title: German Conversation (Německá konverzace)

Abbreviation: NEK

Length: 1 semester

Level: B1-B2

Credits: 2

Student target group: All those with an interest in German language and culture

Entry requirements/level of students: Students interested in the course are expected to be on level A2-B2.

Target: Keeping and widening the knowledge of the language in the broadest scope, with a special attention to speaking.

Course contents and characteristics: The course focuses on widening the vocabulary, with a special attention to practising speaking abilities in discussion. The learners become acquainted with the academic and newspaper styles. Grammar is included as revision of German 1-6 courses, partly also with new topics (passive, infinitive constructions, comparison, derivation of forms).

During the semester, 5-6 topics are covered from the Kontakte textbook, and 1-2 topics of current affairs.


Credit is awarded for:

  • active participation in class and fulfilment of homework
  • test at the end of the semester
  • regular attendance (max. 3 absences)


  • Deutsche Konversation. Kontakte
  • (Věra Höppnerová, Ekopress 2005): classbook and CD

Further requirements:

  • It is not possible to attend this course without registering on-line first (STAG).