OJZ 734 - Russian 4

Code: OJZ 734

Title: Russian 4

Abbreviation: RU4

Course length: 1 semester

Level according to SERR (CEFR): A2- - A2

Credit points: 3

Target student group: Any student who has an interest in the study of Russian language and has attended the previous courses.

Entry requirements/level according CEFR: A1- The course is meant as a continuation of Russian 3.

Target: To confirm the previously gained skills in practice, in particular via the reading of simplified continuous texts.

Course contents and characteristics:

This course combines the course materials previously done with the reading of simplified continuous texts (novels, popular-scientific). The recommended core material is the “Ruština nejen pro samouky“ course book by Nekolova, units 26 – 35. Teaching is complemented by the use of original materials such as short news clips, scientific lectures, and new films.

Assessment/credit points/preparation:

Credit points are awarded for:

  • Regular attendance (3 absences allowed)
  • Active work during lessons
  • Homework
  • The course ends with a written exam with a pass grade of 70%.



Nekolová: “Ruština nejen pro samouky“ units 26 – 35.


Further requirements:

  • To attend the course all students must be registered on STAG.