OJZ 702 - Spanish 2

Course description:

Code: OJZ 702

Title: Spanish 2

Abbreviation: SP2

Length: 1 semestr

Level: A1⁻ - A1

Credits: 3

Target student group: All students who have an interest in the study of Spanish and Spanish culture.

Entry requirement/level of course: A1 – the course is meant as a continuation of Spanish 1.

Target: To deepen the knowledge acquired in the previous course, and widen vocabulary and knowledge of Spanish culture.

Course content and characteristics: Among other things students will master the use of the verbs SER, ESTAR, HABER, learn to express themselves in the future tense with the help of “going to” and at the same time become able to share their thoughts in the past tense – pretérito perfecto. The recommended primary material is the Fiesta I classbook, lessons 5-6. Similarly, to the previous course, classes in Spanish 2 are supplemented by additional material (see Spanish 1).


  • The course ends with a written exam with a pass grade of 70%.
  • Students are assessed on active work in class, fulfilment of homework, and regular attendance (3 permitted absences).

Materials: The recommended primary material is the Fiesta I classbook, lessons 5-6, (Králová, Jana a kol.: Fiesta I, španělština pro střední a jazykové školy, Fraus, Plzeň, 2000).

Further requirements:

  • All students participating in the course are required to register on STAG.