Placement Test

You can find out your level of English by doing the tests below.

Quick OJZ placement test

The test is based on grammar and vocabulary. Download it, do it, correct it using the key and you can find out your approximate level of English in the table below. The test won't take you more than  40 minutes.

Download: Test (pdf) Key (pdf)

Evaluation of the test:
This evaluation only serves as a basic reference.  There are more detailed and more accurate placement tests that test language skills available on various webpages (e.g. Dialang, TOEIC placement test).

Number of correct answers 0 - 15 16 - 35 36 - 55 56 - 75 76 - 95 96 - 120
CEFR level A0 A1 A2 B1 B2 C1

TOEIC placement test

The TOEIC placement test is a sample TOEIC test testing reading and listening skills. After doing the full test, you will get an accurate evaluation of these skills. Doing the test takes 2 hours. 

More information about TOEIC and more information about how to complete the TOEIC placement test

LanguageCert Placement Test

Quick online placement test – 25 multiple choice questions. The test is available on the LanguageCert webpage here.