Language Department Provisions: COVID-19

Provisions in Relation to Language Teaching During the Winter Semester 2020/2021 in Connection to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Language teaching is to take place in accordance with the provisions of the Rector of University of South Bohemia and the Dean of the Faculty of Science of University of South Bohemia.

In the event of the quarantine or illness of a student enrolled in the OJZ course, the student is obliged to immediately inform their teacher and agree with them on the procedure of individual/distance learning. All work and participation in distance learning is to be completed in accordance with this agreement. If a student does not attend classes without a proper apology and agreement with the teacher (more than three absences), the course is to be automatically evaluated as failed.

In the event of the quarantine or illness of the teacher, teaching is to be transferred to the online environment. The teacher is to inform their students of this fact immediately. Students are to proceed with their studies for the given course and participate in classes according to the teacher's instructions.

Klára Pavlínová
Head of Language Department