The TOEFL ITP exam examines the ability of the student to communicate effectively in the English-speaking academic environment.

The listening part focuses on the understanding of short and medium length dialogues from a university environment and medium length lectures.

The second part, “structure“, tests the student’s knowledge of grammar structures.

The reading part contains five short texts accompanied by questions focused on the overall understanding of the particular text and the vocabulary therein.

Part of test Time Number of questions Points available
Listening 35 minutes 50 questions 31 to 68 points
Structure 25 minutes 40 questions 31 to 68 points
Reading 55 minutes 50 questions 31 to 67 points
Total 115 minutes 140 questions
310 to 677 points

The points achieved can be converted to CEFR levels (A1 - C1) here.

Sample tests may be found here:

To download: TOEFL ITP Test Taker Handbook (pdf, 1 MB)