Doctoral studies

In our program we have more than 50 PhD students, half of whom are from abroad. Students participate in cutting-edge science projects; their work has recently appeared for example in eLife and Current Biology journals (see Research Achievements). Students benefit from the excellent facilities of the faculty and several institutes of the Academy of Sciences, they have access to one of the best-equipped centers of electron microscopy in the Czech Republic, confocal microscopes, metabolomic and proteomic centers (there is for example “Bruker Daltonics timsTOF Pro“ equipment for proteomics, which is unique in Central Europe). Students can choose from a variety of courses and each week attend a departmental seminar presented by invited speakers. Once a year we organize Departmental Retreat for PhD students, which is a great opportunity to present their work and meet for the whole weekend in a very informal atmosphere. Every year we organize for students Image Competition.

Current information for prospective students

Deadline for application: June 22nd 2020, official interviews with board members second half of July 2020

Information and application form

Applicants should first find a mentor, please look at current openings or contact the mentor directly (only with specific interest, general emails with the application are not considered).

Information about the program

Programme director: doc. Mgr. Tomáš Doležal, Ph.D., E-mail:

Deputy director: Prof. Ing. Miroslav Oborník, Ph.D., E-mail:

List of programme board members

List of Ph.D. courses

Doctoral students presentations
Elementary rights and duties document states that "the student has to make an annual presentation of his/her progress and results of his/her work at a seminar". Based on rules of this programme, students may present their work either at the Departmental Seminar (KMB 182) or at the Departmental Annual Retreat (usually in October) - see Doctoral Student Seminar Rules.

Forms and applications:
Study Plan in Doctoral Study Programme
Annual report in Word or PDF format
Application for the State Exam/Thesis defence

General Information for students:
Elementary rights and duties (for more information see Provision of the Dean 62)
What to do when
Dean´s Provision D58 (on Basic Scholarships for doctoral students)
Dean´s provision D68 (on fees for English-language doctoral program studies)
Dean´s provision D69 (on fees for chargeable administrative acts

Literature overview - rules for first-year Ph.D. students (PDF)

State exams - what to expect and tips (PDF)

COPE - Committee on Publication Ethics - authorship and contributorship informations, How to handle authorship disputes: a guide for new researchers (PDF)