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Department of molecular biology and genetics

Doctoral Student Seminar Rules

Doctoral Student Seminar Rules for PhD programme Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics

Organizer of PhD student seminar: doc. Hassan Hashimi, Ph.D. (email: hassan@paru.cas.cz)

PREAMBLE: Giving annual seminars is a formal requirement for you getting a doctoral degree at the University of South Bohemia. However, as formalities go, we think it is quite useful for the following reasons:

  • So that you have practice presenting your project in English in a format similar to an international conference.
  • So that you can train for your final defense talk
  • So can gain experience and confidence in public speaking
  • So that your peers can see what you are doing
  • So that faculty members can see what you are doing
  • So that you can get useful feedback on your projects
  • To build a sense of community among all the members of our department

In order to do this, we will have reserved sessions for students to present during the department seminars and a yearly retreat. We ask that you cooperate with the organizer(s) of these seminars so that we can achieve these goals together.

If you approach this as only a formality, that is fine with us. But you are still expected to fulfill this requirement.


  1. Every doctoral student must give once an academic year (October to June of next calendar year) a presentation in English about their project

  2. This can be done during the autumn student retreat or during the department seminars in places reserved for student talks

  3. You and you alone are responsible for making sure you give your annual talk and submit this information to the organizer(s) of the seminar. The organizer(s) WILL NOT chase you around to make sure you do this. If you have no documentation that you have not done this, no one will sign your index that you fulfilled this requirement.

  4. An exception can be taken for the following reasons:
    It is your last year of your doctoral study. In this case, your PhD defense talk will be considered the seminar
    - If you actually gave a talk in English (!) either in the Czech Republic or abroad about your project at an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (!). In this case you will be asked to provide evidence of the talk in terms of an abstract, conference name, place and date. No evidence, no exception. POSTERS DO NOT COUNT. We advise to check in time with Hassan Hashimi if your presentation fulfills the requirement (not every local meeting in English counts, it must be an international conference).
  5. These situations will not be considered to be exceptions from 2017 on:
    - lab meeting presentations
    - presentations for other departments of the University that are not Department of molecular biology and genetics
    - presentations that were not in English

Just a few notes about the rules. If did do presentation at a conference in English, yes you did fulfill the requirement. But, you are still welcome to present here for the reasons I gave in the preamble.

Also, I cannot emphasize enough that no one will police whether you fulfilled this requirement or not until the point of getting the signature in stag. You will be informed every year of the possibilities to give your talk, but that’s it. It is up to you to schedule and do the talk yourself.

Talk format:

  1. 12 minutes, strictly enforced, plus 5 minutes science discussion and 3 minutes feedback 
    1. Remember this rule of thumb: 1 slide per minute
  2. The student talks are for a general audience 
    1. Choose a simple story line from your project
    2. Not everyone in the department knows about the details of your project, so please try to give the RELEVANT background so that people will understand that simple story
    3. Do not try to put ALL your data into the presentation but only what is relevant to that simple story
    4. This is a challenging task but it has been accomplished
  3. You are expected to stay for all the talks in your session and not just your own, so please plan to stay for the whole duration of the session (or retreat).

Disclaimers about the seminars:

  1. Provided title talks for posting are final, so please DO NOT request title changes after you have submitted them as we have limited capacity to make these changes.
  2. Of course you can rename the talks as you please, but it will not be updated in the postings

Organizer of PhD student seminar: Hassan Hashimi (email: hassan@paru.cas.cz)