List of doctoral courses

FBI 806 Literature review (mandatory before the end of the first study year)
Student must write a critical literature review covering the topics of doctoral thesis and must submit the review approved and signed by his/her supervisor to the student administration office before the end of the first study year.

FBI 805 Doctoral methodological seminar (mandatory every year)
Annual mandatory presentations of doctoral students either during departmental seminars (KMB 182) or Annual Departmental Retreat. Presentation is approved and signed by doc. Hassan Hashimi, Ph.D.

FBI 800 Doctor´s Thesis, Practical Part (mandatory every semester)
Student's mentor confirms every semester that the student is working on his/her Ph.D. thesis.

FBI 907 Conference Presentation (in English, anytime during study)
Student should present his results at an international conference (= conference in English) in form of a poster or oral presentation.

OJZ 940 TOEFL for Doctoral Students - Examination (anytime during study)
Testing EAP competencies and communication skills of students on level C1 according to CEFR. Students who have already passed the examination may present their certificate. Other accepted certificates are TOEFL iBT (min. 54-55) or IELTS (min. 4.5).

OJZ 950 Doctor´s English Examination (anytime after OJZ 940)
Testing EAP and ESP language competencies and communication skills of students on level C1 according to CEFR.


(some are assigned at the interview):

KMB 182 Molecular Biology Colloquia / Departmental Seminar (guarantor: doc. Hassan Hashimi, Ph.D.)
The course mainly consists of lectures by invited speakers, often from abroad. Some seminars are dedicated to mandatory presentations of students in the doctoral program of Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics (FBI 805). Enrolled students meet with the invited speaker after each seminar for a coffee discussion. All seminars are held in English in the conference room of the Institute of Parasitology (usually on Tuesday at 13:00).

KMB 602E Advanced Methods in Molecular Biology 2 (guarantor: Lenka Gahurová, Ph.D.)
Students can select from various molecular biology methods.

KMB 622 Scientific Writing for Experimental Biologists (guarantor: doc. Hassan Hashimi, Ph.D.)
The goal of the course is to introduce doctoral students how to write scientific literature in English by lectures and in class exercises.

KMB 218 Epigenetics (guarantor: Assoc. Prof. Petr Svoboda, Ph.D. - IMG Prague)
Course covers principles and means of epigenetic recording and transfer of information. Course is held in one-week block in Prague every other year.

KMB 217 Methods of functional genomics (guarantor Mgr. David Doležel, Ph.D.; organized by Genomic Core Facility EMBL Heidelberg and Dr. Vladimir Benes)
Course provides students with a comprehensive overview of current methods used in functional genomics with an emphasis on their practical aspects. Course is held during summer semeester in even years in Prague and in odd years in Ceske Budejovice in one-week block.

KMB 223 Techniques of microscopy and image analysis for biologists (guarantor: Mgr. Hana Sehadová, Ph.D.)
Students will learn the principles of basic and advanced microscopy techniques and gain knowledge about the image analyses of biological material usable for scientific publication. Course is taught during summer semester in even years in Czech and in odd years in English.

Epigenetics and regulation of gene expression

Bioinformatics for biologists

ELECTIVE COURSES in Czech language only  

KMB 696 Molecular Genetics of Model Organisms and Human (guarantor: prof. RNDr. Michal Žurovec, CSc.)