Dean's decision on current development of coronavirus epidemics in the Czech Republic

19. 3. 2020

In connection with the current development of the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic, the Government Order of the Czech Republic and on the basis of the Decision of the Rector of the University of South Bohemia No. 3, the Dean of the Faculty of Science issues the following instructions for the employees and students of the University of South Bohemia:
- Canteen closed until further notice.
- The children's group is closed until further notice.
- Visits to dormitories are not allowed until further notice.
- The cash desk of the Faculty of Science is closed to the public and students. It is open only to the following days: Tue and Thu always from 10 am to 2 pm.
- The Dean's offices are open in limited manner for the duration of the emergency. For details, see the faculty website
- The buildings of the Faculty of Science are closed to the public and all teaching requiring the presence of students is canceled. The Dean of the Faculty of Science allows students to continue their research projects so that the continuity of their research projects is not violated. The necessity of continuing the research work is confirmed by the supervisor of the student. Further, the Dean permits consultations of individual students with the supervisor, unless it can be arranged otherwise. This permission does not apply to group work of students. The buildings of the Faculty of Science are accessible only through employee or student cards. 
- The meeting of the Dean's College and the management meeting are canceled until further notice. Urgent matters that cannot be delayed, are approved electronically per rollam
- The return of foreign students to their home countries is handled in coordination with the relevant diplomatic missions and the foreign department of PřF.
- Quarantine for students and workers who do not have the opportunity to spend a quarantine stay on site residing in the Czech Republic is governed by the instructions of the Secretary of the Crisis Staff of the University of South Bohemia (Miloslav Švarc). Transport of the person concerned a quarantine is provided by the relevant faculty where the student or worker falls. If necessary, it has university rooms reserved in K5 dormitory. All cases must be handled by the Crisis Staff Secretary.
- According to the Rector's decision, it is recommended to transfer as many employees to work from home (home-office) or the provision of paid time off (when applying § 208 ZP). It is also possible to take spare time off. In the workplace, let employees remain only to the extent necessary when the work in question is necessary and cannot be done from home. It is necessary to provide evidence of the real time of stay in the workplace (according to instructions of supervisor). Be cautious when making your decision, and please consider the following factors:
a) the actual need for the physical presence of the worker at the University premises,
(b) the risks associated with the work of the person concerned;
(c) the age and health of the worker, taking into account the risk of infection;
d) the mode of transport of the worker to the workplace (as far as possible to avoid public transport),
(e) the possibility of visiting the workplace only on certain days to the extent necessary for it to be carried out necessary steps to ensure the operation of the institution,
f) to minimize to a minimum all working meetings with people outside and within the USB.
This recommendation is valid for the period of validity of quarantine measures issued by the Government of the Czech Republic. All information about the situation and the reporting of unexpected events can be sent to: and