Seminars of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

The department organizes the following seminars:
1. Seminars of invited speakers (current schedule below)
2. Presentation of PhD students of the programs "Molecular and Cellular Biology and Genetics" and "Integrative Biology" (within KMB 805, current schedule below)
3. Presentation of master students (within KMB 180 - guarantor Dr. Aleš Horák - current information in Czech for the given semester here)

Seminars of invited speakers and PhD students

Unless otherwise specified, seminars are held on Tuesdays, from 13:00
in the new PARU II lecture room (2nd floor), ONLINE in MS Teams


Winter seminars 2021/2022

Date Speaker(s) Seminar Title Institution Chair
14 September
21 September
28 September Public holiday!!!
5 October Davide Sassera University of Pavia J. Perner
12 October reserved for habilitation lecture F. Marec
19 October

26 October

ROOM B2 2:30PM

Pavel Plevka Cryo-electron tomography of virus infection CEITEC, Brno L. Grubhoffer
2 November
9 November Clara Richet-Bourbousse   IBENS, Paříž I. Mozgová
16 November
23 November Zuzana Musilová Deep-sea fishes and their extraordinary visual adaptations Charles University, Faculty of Science, Prague P. Nguyen
30 November
7 December
14 December
21 December
4 January
11 January
18 January
25 January
1 February
8 February

Summer semester 2020/2021




Student Supervisor


(PhD student seminars)
Imen Makki Non coding RNAs in tick-host interaction  Michalis Kotsyfakis 
6/4/2021 Michael Wrzaczek
(Institute of Molecular Biology of Plants)
Signal transduction and cell communication in plants

Invited by:
Alena Zíková and Iva Mozgová

13/4/2021 Arjen van't Hof Industrial melanism two centuries since the carbonaria mutation - for annotation click here Invited by:
Magda Zrzavá
27/4/2021 Martin Janda
(Dep. of Experimental Biology of Plants)
Communication is "all": salicylic acid and extracellular vesicles in plant-microbe interactions  Invited by:
Tomáš Doležal
HPST, s.r.o.
DNA Nanoball sequencing in the detection of current coronovirus mutations Invited by:
Tomáš Doležal
(PhD student seminars)
Martina Hejníčková Sex chromosome variability in Geometridae Magda Zrzavá Lenka Chodáková 
Monika Kreklová
Drivers of sex-chromosome turnover in Lepidoptera
Petr Nguyen
Valeria Juricová
The molecular mechanism of predation of the diplonemid Hemistasia phaeocysticola
Aleš Horák
Anna Voleníková
A search for W chromosome reveals hidden oddities in ghost moths genomes
Magda Zrzavá
(PhD student seminars)
Pragya Tripathi Tagging of Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in D. papillatum Julius Lukeš Alena Ziková

Ambar Kachale Modified lentgh of the Trp tRNA anticodon stem enabled the UGA stop codon reassignment across species Julius Lukeš
Serafim Nenarokov Surveillance and analyses of SARS-CoV-2 virus mutations in the Czech Republic Martin Kolísko
1/6/2021 Martin Janda
(Dep. of Experimental Biology of Plants)
Communication is "all": salicylic acid and extracellular vesicles in plant-microbe interactions  Invited by:
Tomáš Doležal

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(PhD student seminars)
Bankatesh Kumar The impact and mechanism of queuosine tRNA modification in differentiation and virulence of Leishmania mexicana Zdeněk Paris  Hassan Hashimi
Enrico Bullo Characterization of binding domains in Drosophila melanogaster Timeless protein using Two-Hybrid assays David Doležel
Ayush Sharma Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation of Photosynthetic Alga: Chromera velia Miroslav Oborník
(PhD student seminars)
Gabriela Krejčová Adam Bajgar  
Pavla Nedbalová Tomáš Doležal
Jan Hartmann Michal Žurovec
Jovana Majstorovic Astrid Holzer

The overview of previous seminars find here.