Instructions for Seminar speakers

  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your research with us
  2. The seminars usually take place on Tuesday (except national holidays) during the academic year from 13:00 in the PARU2 seminar room
  3. Language of presentation is English
  4. You may present using Power Point or PDF if you use the PC in the seminar room
    ♦ The PC is connected to the internet
  5. You may also present directly from your PC or Mac laptop
    ♦ Please be sure your laptop is charged
    ♦ Laptop can be connected to projector via VGA or HMDI
    ♦ Mac users please don’t forget the VGA adaptor
  6. We have in house the Logitec laser pointer
  7. The seminars are 1 hour long
    ♦ Preferred format is 45 minute talk + 15 minutes for discussion, but this is at the discretion of the speaker
    ♦ Students and audience members are free to leave after the hour session is up if they have other time commitments
  8. The department is small but has very diverse research interests. Best would be to target a general audience that is experienced with molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and genetics.
    ♦ If in doubt about how general the introduction should be, please ask the person who invited you
  9. After the talk there is usually a ~15-30 minute session with students, so they have a chance to ask you about not only your talk, but your experiences and career advice, etc.
    ♦ This session can be cancelled if the talk goes WAY over time